Play 2 Planets Fire & Ice Game

16. října 2013 v 21:20 | A Game
Experience what may very well be the fastest match-3 game of all time - Two Planets Ice & Fire! Approximately 140 levels with diverse objectives guarantee non-stop gaming fun! Glistening with amazing HD graphics, the game offers you the choice of two different game modes: chill out and clear levels at your own pace on the ice world or put yourself in the hot seat against the ticking clock on the fire planet. Master the exciting levels by clearing a specified color from the playing field, sending special jewels tumbling to the bottom of the board, arranging jewels in special positions or setting off as many explosions as possible - and a whole lot more!

Play 2 Planets Fire & Ice Game

Today computer games authors all over the world are generating a whole lot of hotsie-totsie PC games but only some of them, like 2 Planets Fire & Ice, will become popular. Use your Match 3 talents to win tons of majestic mini-games of 2 Planets Fire & Ice and discover, which tributes were picked by skillful players from whole world! 2 Planets Fire & Ice is one of excellence members of dainty last years Match 3 PC games, it consist of entrancing toilless interface and easy to follow scenario. You will enjoy by playing whizzbang 2 Planets Fire & Ice PC game.
System requirements:
HDD: 110 MB
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

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