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Investigate death of your grandfather in Nightfall Mysteries 4: Mourning the Past PC Game!

Yesterday your grandfather Charles Crenshaw died in fire in Haven Rock. Police believes it was an accident, but they are wrong. Five suspects must be interrogated, and all of them are your Granddad's friends and relatives - Greyson Smith, Lily Tomlin, Birdie Crenshaw (Charles' wife), Devon Tomlin and Samson McGeary. Charles thought that he was followed by the shadowed figure at every corner right before his death. He believed that it may be connected with his past. So who's guilty - old friend, possibly trying to kill you at the cemetery chapel, or wife, trying not to let you come to the funeral?

Download Nightfall Mysteries 4 game for free and investigate, what happened to Charles in this whodunit Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure! But be careful - someone may wish to cover the events of that night by all cost, including murder!

Play Nightfall Mysteries 4: Mourning the Past Game

Even before its official release Nightfall Mysteries 4: Mourning PC game became popular. Design of all Nightfall Mysteries 4: Mourning the Past game sublevels is really interesting. Breathtaking storyline, toilless game play, harmonious sounds, merry and larky scenery makes Nightfall Mysteries 4: Mourning the Past the best in it's category. Not only ravishing plot and out of the common opportunities but also more than enough unapproachable placements and prizes in Nightfall Mysteries 4 PC game will excite the player's imagination from the starting to the conclusion and will bring a huge amount pleasure into your existence!
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System requirements:
RAM: 1024 MB
CPU: 1.0 GHz
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
HDD: 403 MB


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